Calcein Assay® License

製品 Cell Line トランスポーター テクノロジー メンブレンタイプ プローブ基質 検出系 関連阻害剤 陽性対照 ダイナミックレンジ
SB HL60 MDR1selected cell line MDR1/P-gp
SB HL60 MRP1 selected cell line MRP1
SB K562 MDR1 selected cell line MDR1/P-gp
SB K562 MRP1 selected cell line MRP1


SOLVO’s patented Calcein Assay® is an indirect inhibitory-type whole cell assay, which provides information on any interaction between the ABC transporter and the test drug. The assay monitors the inhibition of the MDR1/P-gp (ABCB1) or MRP1 (ABCC1) mediated efflux of calcein AM by measuring the increased fluorescence of the calcein dye.
Calcein Assay® is protected by US (US5.872.014, US6.277.655, US6.391.656) and international (e.g. EPO0784699) patents. Licenses for commercial entities for certain in-house uses are available.

License package includes:

  • Non-exclusive license for the Calcein Assay® method for in-house use
  • Detailed assay protocol for 96-well plate
  • MS Excel file containing worksheets for calculations and data representation
  • MDR1 and MRP1 expressing cells frozen in 2 ml cryogenic vials + description of cell lines and protocol for subculturing
  • Free technical support via e-mail or phone
  • Personal technical support, training or consulting is also available at the customer’s expense

Different pricing schemes are available: up-front licensing fee until patent expiry or yearly subscription fees with a minimum purchase of 2 years; worldwide use or use in a limited geographical area.

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